Saturday, May 21, 2011

Before we knew

We were discharged from the hospital last night. You seem to be adjusting well to your medications..well, at least on paper. The symptoms of the medication are really starting to become evident. You wobbled in your crib, could not sit up without toppling over. Must be the dizziness. I can't imagine how weird your little body must be feeling. I'm so glad you're home.

I miss not knowing about your condition. I miss laying you down for a nap or bedtime without wondering and worrying.

I miss anticipating the day that Ethan would teach you to learn how to ride a learn how to play all of the sports he loves.

But, with any trial, comes many blessings. As much as I loved you before we knew, I took you for granted. As I watched Brooklyn cry because her friend took a toy from her she never plays with, it made me think of you. I thought of how you really never fully appreciate something or someone until you realize you may lose it. This is one blaring blessing in all of this. I love and cherish you more now than ever. I adore the little things that make you so unique.

I love the way you voraciously attack your cheerios as if it was your first meal

I love the way you twirl your hands like you're getting ready to ride Papa's Harley

I love the screechy sound of your chuckle. There's nothing like it

I love your infectious smile and your cute teeth peeking out

I love the sound of your sweet voice as you mumble "mum mum" and "da"

I love the smile in your eyes and the energy in your countenance as I enter your room each morning

I love the smirk on your face when I stick out my tongue and you study how you're

going to grab it

I love the way you love your really love him. I'm so glad he brings you comfort

I love you Chase, more today than yesterday

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