Friday, April 13, 2012

Learning more

This poor little man can't seem to catch a break (no pun intended).  He is so close to being able to walk on his own (will be 2 years old next week) and he broke his foot.  The worst part, I'm not quite sure how it happened.  We were at Hayley's soccer practice and he and the other kids were playing on the playscape.  Chase was crawling up the stairs and next thing I know, he's on the ground holding his foot.  Within a few hours, he was weight bearing on it.  The next day, I took him to the doctor and he said he thought it was fine.  10 days later, he was still limping so I took him back to the doctor.  This time, they X-rayed it and sure enough, BROKEN!  Poor guy had been trying to walk on a broken foot for 10 days.  So, what have we learned from this experience?  Chase has an extremely high tolerance for pain.  The Orthopedist decided he needed a cast all the way up to his thigh.  Since he can't really walk yet or even drag that crazy heavy leg across the floor, his physical therapist was able to hook us up with a pink wheelchair.  There will be many pop a wheelie's and sponge baths in our future!