Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More good news

We spent about 5 hours at CHOP yesterday for a much anticipated appointment in the cardiology dept.  It was time for Ethan, Hayley and Brooklyn to be screened for HCM.  Each of them had EKG's and Echocardiogram's.  They were all troopers. 

The good news?  They were all free from HCM...so far.  The cardiologist explained that until we know where Chase's condition came from, they are not completely out of the woods yet.  They could be carrier's of the gene or protein that causes HCM but it has not presented yet.  We won't know the answers for a while.  Chase has an appointment with a genetic counselor next week.  We'll see if we can get any more answers then.

For now, I am elated to know that they (or I) don't have it. 

Another bullet dodged..

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